TCV is a global investment firm with offices in Menlo Park, New York and London. For more than 25 years TCV has partnered with CEOs and founders of public and private growth-stage technology companies as they strive to achieve market leadership. We provide management teams with data-driven insights, sector expertise, access to world-class talent, and connections with category leaders. We take a long-term perspective, committing substantial capital, time and internal resources to support and partner with our companies on their journeys.

With this offering we will continue to align with the strategy and goals of the entrepreneurs and companies we partner with, delivering the right balance of industry experience, market expertise, and level-headed judgment, along with trust in their abilities and long-term support of their visions. We are fully engaged investors who help our companies scale their business by providing support in the areas of researching opportunities, accelerating customer acquisition, and recruiting talent. We provide first-name introductions to top innovators in Silicon Valley, New York, Europe and beyond, connecting our companies with leaders whose hard-won knowledge is priceless. Integrity and trust are core to partnerships we create and decisions we make. Entrepreneurs today have more funding options than ever before, but few investors can match our resources, energy and track record of successfully supporting market leaders.

We look to invest in companies and teams at pivotal moments, and this offering provides the key investment at the point they enter the public market. At TCV, our goal is to transform companies into the industry leaders that will shape the future in the same way we have helped companies such as Airbnb,, Avalara, ByteDance, Facebook, Netflix, Payoneer, Peloton, Rapid7, Spotify, Twilio and Zillow among countless others on their journey to industry leadership.